Trublend SLM Teeth

Exceptional beauty is one reason to prescribe Trublend SLM teeth. Remarkable wear resistance is another. But the most important reason is what they can do for your patients. And your practice. If patient satisfaction is important to you, Trublend SLM teeth should be, to. They come closer to the look and wear characteristics of natural teeth than any plastic teeth previously available.

Trublend SLM (Sustained Life Material) teeth are 25% more wear-resistant than IPN, the standard for durability, and 71% to 87% more wear-resistant than other premium teeth. Trublend SLM teeth also have excellent stain-fighting powers. And an ability to bond easily to any quality denture material. Prescribe Trublend SLM teeth. Give your patients a denture that is going to keep them smiling longer.