Frequently Asked Questions

What type of teeth do you use?
We have a wide selection avaible, including:
Portrait, Bioform, Bioblend, Biostabil, SLM and Heraus Kulzer.

Do you offer UPS/USPS shipment?
Yes, we offer UPS and USPS shipment.

Do you work for the public?
Indiana State Law requires that all work must be authorized by a dentist before any work can begin.

How long does a case require in the lab?
Most repairs and cold cure relines can be done same-day.
Heat-cure relines can be done next-day.
Vitalium frameworks require 10 buisness days in the lab.
All others require only 3 days in the lab.

Do you deliver locally?
Yes, we deliver and pick-up to Northwest Indiana daily, for all other locations we offer UPS and USPS shipment.